As a Falcon/Cision Customer, I’ve heard that there will be a new app. What will it be called?

Our new integrated offering is Listen | Powered by Brandwatch. It follows the same data processing model as what you are currently using as a Brandwatch or Falcon customer. We have combined our two best-in-class products to create a superior offering that maintains the same privacy standards that you have come to expect from us.

Is there a new Data Processing Addendum? 

You can find our new combined Data Processing Addendum, which covers any service you may obtain from Cision or its affiliates here:

Where will my personal data be stored?

Your personal data will be stored in the EEA, UK, and/or USA. For how Cision and Falcon store and transfer data, please see our International Data Transfer page. For more information on how Brandwatch products store and transfer data, please see Brandwatch’s Data Privacy FAQ.

Will there be new subprocessors?

Information about sub processors can be found here &

Will Brandwatch and Cision/Falcon be accessing, processing, or storing each other’s data as a result of the acquisition? 

Any data you share with one of our affiliate organisations may be shared with the other Cision affiliate organisations in order to provide our services to you. For example (not exhaustive):

  • platform usage data may be shared in order to improve our services to you.
  • if you are a Brandwatch user, and you choose to connect a channel in Falcon, Falcon will start ingesting data from that channel, which may contain personal information.
  • if you are a Cision/Falcon user, and you begin using Listen | Powered by Brandwatch, personal data will be shared with Brandwatch in order to administer your access to Listen | Powered by Brandwatch.
  • any customer data we have regarding your relationship with one of our affiliate organisations may be shared in order to provide services and support to you.
  • any personal data required for billing/invoicing purposes may be shared as necessary.

Is there any new third parties processing the personal data? 

Please note that Brandwatch will be a subprocessor for Falcon and for more information please visit and